Institute of Social Sciences of the Central Region

Founded in 1953, the Vietnam Academy of Social Science (VASS) is a research institution under the Government of Vietnam. VASS is the hub for top scholars in the social sciences and humanities in Vietnam. Currently, the Academy employs more than 2,000 staff, of whom more than 900 are professors and associate professors who hold doctoral and master’s degrees in the social sciences and humanities.  They work in seven departments which support the President, 35 research institutes and four other non-research institutions.

The Institute of Social Sciences of the Central Region (ISSCR) is a representative of VASS in the Central Region in Vietnam. ISSCR’s functions are researching fundamental issues about social sciences; consulting for the local and central government; and involving in training workforces for social sciences. Hence, ISSCR is capable for networking and connecting a wide range of domestic agencies, authorities, stakeholders and other institutes to launch and implement research projects and coordination relating to social sciences.



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