The Southern Institute of Social Sciences undertakes some major functions, including: (1) To carry out theoretical and practical research in social sciences in Southern Vietnam; (2) To provide scientific grounds for the regional sustainable development strategy-planning and policy-making; (3) To give development-policy consultancy; and (4) To take part in developing social science potentialities in Southern Vietnam.
As the only multi-disciplinary research institution located in the South, the Institute undertakes key functions in disseminating knowledge of social sciences, carrying out research and training activities, and providing policy recommendations for the government.
For more than 40 years of establishment and development, the Southern Institute of Social Sciences has combined effectively basic with applied research, theoretical with practical research and policy analysis. A wide range of research programs, projects and missions has been built and conducted systematically, showing the inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research approaches. Its research activities in combination with postgraduate training activities and international cooperation have contributed an important part towards policy-making, socio-economic development planning, and high-quality human resource development, aiming at meeting the requirements for sustainable development in the South.

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